TTH Vol. 4: How ‘Bout That Game

Happy Monday. First things first, WOW. What a game. What a big, big game. Like, when the ball went WOOSH. And that guy went POW. And the thing did the thing with the thing. And those commercials! They were there! And that halftime show! What a half. What a show. What do you mean clearly I’m writing this without having seen anything because I wrote this as it’s all happening, scheduled it to post in the morning, and am just pretending like I actually watched it?

Well, you’re WRONG, bucko!

I saw the Chiefs/Eagles win! And I saw that touchdown! All [INSERT NUMBER HERE] of them!

Yaaaaaaa you feel stupid now, don’t you? (Btw I woke up really early all week and weekend, and I’m very delirious right now. But in the spirit of writing on a schedule, I’m forcing myself to put this post together, hopefully with some coherence).

And with that, let’s get to the weekly(ish) Things That Happened recap.


1. If you fall into the subway tracks, you can avoid getting hit by a train by hiding in a nook.

2. When it comes to the “love what you do” narrative, so much has changed since 2018, when this article was written. Since then we’ve had quiet quitting, The Great Resignation, and remote life. This part is still true, though:

One of the biggest things you need to realize as an artist is you have two lives you need to lead. One that can economically support you, and one where you’re following your passion.

3. Barnes & Noble is making a comeback, and I love that for us.

4. Many South Korean women don’t want kids, and are avoiding marriage altogether.

5. Ducks is great. (Maybe I’ll write about it later in a less delirious state but I can’t make any promises.)


My bro got me “Ducks” for Xmas along with some gray pens in case I got inspired (Thanks, Kuya!). Here’s cartoon Franco and Karen in gray.

I took a bookbinding class at the Center for Book Arts and made this cute lil book. I like learning things on YouTube, but there’s something about watching an expert do things in person. Plus, they’re more likely to share tricks and sourcing secrets face to face. Human interaction! Amazing. I can’t say I’ll be attempting the more complex forms anytime soon, but I’m definitely making simple books. Stay tuned.

I like biking on cold, rainy days. It makes me feel alive.

With the right gear ofc.

We’re now doing two-day weeks in the office. And yes, I’m still all about that bike/ferry life.

I’ve added some furniture to the studio. I’ll give you a tour soon.

But for now, here’s a closer look at some bottles you just saw.

I took this pic the one day it snowed a little bit in the morning before it all melted without a trace. I just want a really good blizzard. Is that so much to ask?!?!

Getting back into long form and hanging with George.

Another weirdly warm winter day.


The Work-Work Balance. It’s a longer post I wrote as the first of a series I’d like to post the last day of the month called *drumroll pls* The Last Day Post.

A comic about a really tragic event that happened at our fave neighborhood Thai restaurant.

Have a good week, friends.

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