I’m Karen (May) Bolipata. I’m a writer in New York City.

You may have seen my work in a little-read LiveJournal or this barely updated tumblr about pups in sweaters. I’ve also written for small daily newspapers you’ve probably never heard of, as well as an international magazine about the glamorous underbelly of intellectual property law. At one point I wrote burrito jokes for a burrito joint you’ve probably actually heard of, which was basically my dream gig. Because, burritos.

These days, I can be found pitching weird stuff at my 9 to 5, making comics, and writing whatever the hell else catches my fancy under my solo writing shop, THE DEPARTMENT OF WORDS & STUFF.

Here, I primarily write about New York, living in New York, and being a writer in New York. Sometimes I do leave New York and write about those places, too.

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