While this blog does prominently feature New York, it is not a guidebook. There are so many other awesome places that already do that and do it well.

What it does have are stories.

These stories may take different forms: writing, pictures, videos, or interpretive miming.

And because New York, much like life, is a little haphazard, these stories may be nonlinear and non-chronological. These stories may be weird. They may be about places in the city that aren’t (and probably shouldn’t) be on your bucket list.

Ultimately, it’s about me making sense of my place in the world through the lens of New York City.

You might like it here if you like…

+ Memoirs

+ Field notes

+ Self-indulgent ramblings of neurotic writers

+ Stories about nothing

+ Pictures about nothing

+ Stories about things that will probably turn out to be nothing

+ Attempts at humor, especially of the dark variety

+ Four-letter words like “shit” and “bleh”

+ Stories about growing up an immigrant so you can feel bad about yourself

+ Stories about my many failures so you can feel good about yourself

+ Dysfunctional relationships and all the averted eye contact they entail

+ Healthy doses of cynicism

+ Healthy doses of idealism

Still reading? Come hang.

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