Hashtag Change

Hiiiii. It’s time for a life update. Where to even begin? I’ll start with an easy one.

Change No. 1: It’s fall.
Aka my and my fellow basic bitches’ fave season. Nothing says change quite like it. I love how extra and dramatic it is. Instead of bringing in the cold and 4pm sunsets in quiet fashion, lulling us into complacency as it kills everything onsite, it announces its murderous rampage with *color* and ScArVeS and bOoTs. And we’re all too happy to participate in the delusion.

I particularly love catching peak leaves at Central Park. I’m pretty sure it was a little past peak on account of all the leaves on the ground (it came a bit early this year). It probably didn’t help that it was like 90 degrees in November. Thanks, climate change!

Change No. 2: RIP Twitter.
With the impending demise of Twitter, or at least the version of Twitter I loved, I’ve been thinking about how important it is to keep my own space on the internet that’s separate from social media platforms. One day Insta/Twitter will go the way of the dinosaur, and I want to make sure I’m not putting all my work in the hands of a once-cute platform that becomes a big-ass corp that becomes powerful enough to be targeted for a hostile takeover. Luckily I’ve kept this blog up all these years even though I only update, like, once a year.

I could go and on about why Twitter was my fave platform, but for now I’ll just say above all, it was a place for writers, journalists and dweebs. I’d spent more than a decade curating my feed and filling it with the smartest, funniest people I knew and didn’t know. It’s unmatched in breaking news situations. And in the throes of pandemic isolation, it was the thing that made me feel like I was still connected to the world.

That’s just the way life goes, right? One day you’re laughing at some relatable tweet about farts, and the next you’re wondering how some red-hatted bigot slipped into your feed.

Change No. 3: I am now betrothed.

That’s right, I, Karen Bolipata, am engaged to be wed.

But Karen. Weren’t you so proud of being unmarried because of the subversiveness of not entering a misogynist arrangement historically rooted in women being considered property?!


You’re a hypocrite!

No. OK, maybe.

Wow, you’re like so grown up now with your grown-up decisions.

Fuck you.

You’re so moving to the burbs.

Double fuck you.

Say goodbye to your identity as an independent and free woman.


And that’s how the proposal went.

Naturally, I said yes.

We’re thinking of a fall wedding in the Maldives.

See you there.

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