Notes from the road

Traveling for work is just like any kind of travel. You’re in a strange land, in a different time zone perhaps, and sleep in a bed that’s perfectly adequate in all other respects except it’s not yours.

But instead of spending nights painting the town red, you’re painting your spreadsheets with highlighters.

Meals are usually spent alone and cramming your head with facts about the interviewee and the subject matter at hand.

Days and nights are spent churning out material with (hopefully) lightning efficiency.

Dinner might look something like this.

And your last vestiges of consciousness are spent with your favorite Wonderer.

That pretty much sums up my week.

There was barely time to catch up with friends, though I did catch up with the characters of my book of the moment.

After Washington, I made a pit stop in Baltimore to see Lola and Phil.

We took Lola to the dog park, where she observed the other pups from the bench without getting too close (she takes after me, I guess).

Pretty soon, it was time for me to head back to the city.

Insert silly joke here cursing the Amtrak police for barring non-passengers past the door, forcing me to carry my own bags to the train.

The train, a convenient and spacious alternative to other modes of transportation, gave me a few hours of solitude.

The weekend was much too short.

9 responses to “Notes from the road”

  1. Soo, where did you end up eating?! 🙂

    1. Ah, that list was for a “to do” box for a conference newsletter. I thought it best to ask for foodie recs since there’s too much info on the interwebs. Let’s see… I ate at hotel restaurant and hotel restaurant. Strangely tasted like Stella and peanuts 😉

  2. Sad I missed you! I never did make it to Costco, so you didn’t miss much. Hassaan

    1. Hassaan will not be Hassaan’d in vain!! I seriously wish I could have Costco’d it up with you. That place is like an amusement park of excess. And when I say excess, I mean awesome. And when I say awesome, I mean giant jar of cheese balls.

      Cheese. Balls.

  3. we’ll link up next time during a non-business trip!

    1. Totally! I swear I’m a better friend when I’m not working.

  4. were you in dc? bcs that looks like my fave hotel–the omni shoreham! there’s tons of fun eating places in that area…and the zoo. i also enjoy that they have a “cupcake of the day” on their room service menu.

    1. Yes! You’re good. Sadly, I didn’t see much past the Omni and the hotel the conference was in until I was leaving. On that day, I saw the zoo, all the restaurants, trees, sunlight… It was great.

      1. well–typically i wouldn’t recognize a hotel fr it’s bedding but i love that place! lol. we go the every fourth of july and sometimes in btwn if i can make it happen. you should return sometime and explore–i think you’d dig the area. and adam’s morgan area is really near by too.

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