When it suddenly poured

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  1. That group yoga/pilates/yogalates from that first shot is intriguing. Were you a participant? I wonder if Philly has something similar. I’d definitely hop on it, haha.

    1. karenmaywrites Avatar

      I do no yoga, but I have a yoga mat. Does that count? Actually, I was walking by the park on my way to the bowling alley at Chelsea Piers, when I thought this would make a neat picture. Some drops started to fall, then came a breeze, then violent gusts of wind, and before you know it, I was stuck outside in a massive storm, with nowhere to hide. I huddled under some trees with the yoga people because I figured if I was going to be crushed by a falling branch, I might as well do it as part of a group. They were pretty determined, though. They initially kept going with their exercises, through the wind and rain, until it got to be too much. I was impressed.

      1. Woww. Impressive indeed. I hope the trees kept you somewhat dry. Phantom storms when you’re already outdoors are no fun!

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