Subways and Streetcars

It’s easy to get around Toronto. One morning S. and I wandered over to the outskirts of Toronto to a Cambodian restaurant, where she talked to the owner in Cambodianglish for 10 minutes. “I’m proud of myself!” she said afterward. Here, we waited for the streetcar.

Just around the corner from our hotel, Union Station.

Their subway cars, at least on the line we used, were incredibly clean.

Their subway stations are pretty impressive.
Certain stops feature murals and other works of art.

It’s also a very green city. There are recycling bins everywhere.

King Tut was at the Art Gallery of Toronto. Sadly I missed it. I did see another mummy at the Royal Ontario Museum, and perhaps once you’ve seen one mummy you’ve seen them all. Yes? No?

Three impeccably dressed women sat across from us on the train. There was something graceful about them, even down to the leg-crossing.

Subway musicians are ubiquitous.

Leftovers and flowers.

Rush hour.

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  1. I love how you call Sarong – “S.” It’s so Gossip Girl. Haha. I like the leftovers + flowers photo. The flowers, the navy blue bag…it’s awesome. Great pictures!

    1. karenmaywrites Avatar

      Thanks, chica! I just used it in case she didn’t want her name on the interwebs. With that said, perhaps a more appropriate cutline for the first picture would have said something along the lines of “Spotted — S. waits for the streetcar.”

  2. you know the king tut exhibit is in nyc now, right?

    got your text. unfortunately, there are no costco trips in our immediate future. i’m only in nyc for a couple nights this week and then i’m leaving for the philippines on tuesday (next week) until the end of june. i’ll buy you a hot dog when we go tho 🙂

    1. Why delete them when they inflate my comment numbers?? Haha, just kidding. I’ll delete them in a second.

      I did see a poster for the Tut on the subway. I think he’s following me, willing me to go see him. Well played, Tut. Interest officially piqued.

      Wow, I’m jealous of your PI trip. I definitely didn’t spend enough time there two years ago. On a happier note, have fun and take lots of pictures!

      I’m also eagerly awaiting your return so I can take advantage of your hot dog offer.

  3. My fave is the shoe shot. Wow to the clean & artsy subway – It looks really pretty. I’d imagine it would make the commute more enjoyable.

  4. Tokyo also has ridiculously clean subways. I think DC’s are pretty clean tho. And London’s are clean too but the whole upholstered seats thing makes me feel dirty thinking about who has sat on them before.

    I want to see Tut but I think he’ll be gone when I get back. I’m very sad. If you go, take pictures (if they’ll let you) and blog with heavy detail on it.

    PI will be fun. The first few days I’m going straight to Palawan–never been there before. Haven’t been back to the PI for over 10 years now. I will post pictures. I think. I mean, I never even posted pics of the UK. I’ll have to do that…

    Costco hot dogs are the bomb!

    1. karenmaywrites Avatar

      Toronto’s upholstered seats also gave us the heebie jeebies. What if you’re wearing a skirt? Shudder.

      I’ve seen pictures of Palawan, and it looks absolutely magical. I want to go there so bad. Take me with you!!

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