A bit MIA for the holidays

I was in Baltimore the last few days helping my boyfriend move into his internet-less apartment, which writing-wise was pure misery and explains the lack of blog posts, but fun-wise definitely enjoyable.

Getting there, though, was such an ordeal. On my way to the bus stop Saturday, I ran right into SantaCon NYC 2009, smack dab in the middle of 33rd, where my bus was supposed to be. It would have made the perfect picture post had it not been for my fear that I’d missed the bus. I paced up and down the block, shoved a few santas aside with my suitcase, and even chased a Bolt bus down the street (and was told, rather rudely by one driver, that I needed to wait “UP THERE!” Insert menacing stare). Turns out the bus was 40 minutes late. I’ll just file it in my “Of course it would happen to me” folder, right along with shoddy Internet on a (non-Bolt) bus that my friends say has never failed them and a schedule change on the subway the ONE day I try a new route.

Tomorrow I’ll also be en route to Virginia for the holidays, so don’t expect a regular posting schedule until January.

On that note, happy holidays!

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