Hyperlocal Brooklyn

Though I live in Astoria, I spend much of my time reading about Brooklyn and going to Brooklyn because I write for brooklyntheborough.com. One of the things I quickly learned is that Brooklyn — other than being the artist/hipster/musician mecca of New York — is also a blog mecca.

Here’s a sampling of the few blogs I’ve come across, which gives you an idea of how hyperlocal news is getting these days. Some are by freelance journalists, and some are by former or current (insert here profession) who are actively involved in their neighborhoods.

It’s good news for readers, because blogs are updated frequently and provide a great way for them to participate in discussions. Still, most work with skeleton crews who are either unpaid or paid very little, and grab news from the big newspapers that continue to lose money. Is journalism going to stay a viable career (which is a notion many journalists would snicker at) or is this the age of news by hobbyists with day jobs?

Such a conundrum.

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