Yankees fans

Despite not being a loyal or even a casual fan of baseball, I braved the NYC streets to see the Yankees parade. After wandering around aimlessly, I followed groups of people in Yankees gear to what ended up to be the worst spot ever. We missed the floats because the players were all dropped off at City Hall, about a block away from us, and we watched everything on the screen. It was somewhat of a bummer, but as it turns out, the fans made for interesting pictures.

I was switching between the point and the shoot and the DSLR, so it was difficult to capture action shots while recording the cheers. I wish I got more of a selection as well as pictures of people actually cheering. Still, I find each time I venture out with the camera, I get a bit more comfortable getting in people’s faces. This also taught me that I should bring my voice recorder so I can record sound and take stills at the same time.

As for putting the slideshow together, I used iMovie. I’ve worked with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro before, so iMovie has been the most user-friendly so far! Everything was a lot easier and quicker to execute, and it was far better than working on my lagging Dell and Windows Movie Maker. What I miss about working at a newspaper is using awesome video cameras. I now take videos with my point and shoot, with not so great quality, so I hope I’ll get to play with my boyfriend’s camera soon (after years of begging, I feel this will finally happen!).


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