Ode to Richmond

Soul Ice

I’m finally back in New York.

I’ve lived in a few places, from the Philippines, to the Bronx, to Richmond, Va., to smaller cities in Virginia for internships, to a quick stint abroad and most recently Fredericksburg, Va. The one place I always identified with was New York. After leaving the metro area at 13, I’d stayed connected to the city by keeping in touch with friends, visiting and reading New York papers.

I moved unexpectedly or belatedly, depending on how you look at it. It certainly didn’t happen in the circumstances I’d envisioned (though there were many versions in my head). But hardly anything does.

Before I left Richmond, I took a friend and a camera downtown to capture it in pictures.

Just in case I miss it.

The Byrd Theatre, where you can see movies for $2.


Everyone needs some green in their lives.

Soul IceSoul Ice. It was unusually hot that day, but no one was buying.
“You want some?”
“No, but can I take your picture?”


A lively part of town.

bang onGuy with guitar marches on. Lots of musicians in Carytown.

DSC_0071He settled on a spot beside the theater. I tipped him afterward.

DSC_0107The State Capitol. Lots of suits dining outside.

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  1. you forgot to include plan9!

  2. I remember looking at it, and the thought of taking its picture never crossed my mind. Or maybe it did for a second, but I never really went there. Next time? Hah.

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