Home Is The Place I Live

In every civilization, there’s the indisputable marker of success.

In ancient Egypt, it was pyramids.

In ancient Greece, fancy togas (probably, right? I’m no scholar).

In New York, it’s frames.

Anywhere else, putting frames on the wall is ordinary. In New York, it’s a statement.Continue reading “Home Is The Place I Live”

Decluttering. Is. Awesome.

Not to brag, but I’ve been decluttering before it was cool. I try to do it regularly, but with my work and life and lazin’-about schedule taking up all of my time, decluttering tends to get reduced to a once-a-year occasion.

But boy do I look forward to it.

I look forward to it like how my puppy looks forward to kibbles.

Like how productive but overpaying members of society look forward to tax refunds.

Like how GoDaddy looks forward to automatically renewing the 30 unused domains I’ve impulsively bought over the years because one day I totally will write about my conversations with my sandwich (dot com).

You get it.

Decluttering. Is. Awesome.Continue reading “Decluttering. Is. Awesome.”


I shared a room until I was 18.

It’s a great recipe for insanity—one I plan to gift my own hypothetical offspring.

After all, with all this talk about future generations growing far more entitled, information being far more accessible, and the interwebs rendering state boundaries obsolete (and thus, expanding the pool of people you might meet in real life), there remains the one thing I still can control: physical space.Continue reading “Hamsters”