My bad.

Note from 2022 Karen: The post that went out this morning was written 10 years ago and languished in my drafts. Until now. Because I’d scheduled it to post 10 years into the future as I was workshopping it, then forgot about it entirely and posted a different one. I’m leaving it up anyway because a) it already went up, b) it’s still v appropriate seeing how I’ve been dealing with some stubborn pimples the last few months, c) it’s a nice memory of a different time and a cool person I’m lucky to still be friends with today though the pup no longer remembers me—CRIES, and d) maybe it’ll get me back into writing here for fun without stressing about how perfect everything I post has to be.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go through my drafts and see what else I mindlessly scheduled 10 years ago and forgot about and will soon automatically publish without context.

In case you’re curious, the post I ended up posting 10 years ago was actually this one. 

Happy Saturday.

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