How to finish a book

It’s been 13 days since I kicked off PROBAATD, and I’m happy to report my first major discovery that I’ll share with you: To finish a book, you must make time for it.

I know. You’re really glad you’re reading this right now. I mean here you are, recovering bookaholic, aspiring reader, homicidal cubicle drone, taking time out of your busy day to see what great discoveries I’ve made, and I say the most obvious thing ever. Not once, but twice.

Scrolls up to confirm this, notices it has been mentioned just once and instead of editing accordingly, decides —

To finish a book, you must make time for it.

The book? “Steve Jobs.” The reading device? Kindle.

In 13 days, I’ve gone from 23 percent to 60 percent. Sure, I could have made larger gains, given a more regimented schedule. But that would defeat the purpose of PROBAATD. I’m not trying to crash diet my way into this by employing strategies too unrealistic to maintain over long periods of time. Rather, I’m merely tweaking my daily routine by using more focused reading habits.

I still work, read lengthy magazine features, obsessively scour reddit and metafilter and assorted blogs, spend a good time hanging out, shaving my back, learning all the dance numbers to the “Newsies” just so I’ll be ready to jump in when one of the stars inexplicably breaks a leg after a freak hopscotch accident, and, when looking for an adventure, count my hair strands.

The difference is that instead of pulling out whatever book I’m in the mood for at the moment (a task the Kindle makes all too easy), I read just one. And instead of staring into the abyss on the train or reading just one more AskMeFi thread that will inevitably lead to multiple Wikipedia tabs and tumblr posts (It’s addicting as hell), I read the book.

It’s safe to say this is not an impossible habit to maintain.

Now, will I be able to read the remaining 40 percent by February 20? Stay tuned. Dun dun dun (That’s the sound cliffhangers make when they’ve been placed amid a storyline that will yield a predictable result).

So, bookaholic, that’s what I’ve learned so far. As for a PROBAATD discovery of the substantive kind, check back this afternoon.

A new post awaits.

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