‘Nuff said

I remember watching Conan starting in elementary school (Be very afraid, parents everywhere) until I got too busy to watch TV, which happened sometime in college. Like most Coco fans in my generation, I barely watch TV these days, and the shows I do keep track of I watch online, hours after they air. I don’t even have cable, nor do I miss it. When I feel I need a Conan fix, I get it online.

The Internet has been flooded with Conan support the last few weeks, though before this debacle happened, judging by ratings, it seemed few people tuned in. It’s quite telling of the state of network TV, the disparity in Leno and Conan’s audiences, the outdated way in which the success of shows relies on ratings and advertising, and how the under 30 crowd watches TV.

There sure are bigger things going on in the world right now. Still, what would the world be like without intelligent, quirky, Conando-like humor to lift us up in times like these?

Though Leno will prevail for now, I’ll join all the other Conan fans in showing my support online. Leno’s fans, meanwhile, are probably busy writing a letter to the editor.

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